New Installations

Our new installations are offered as a complete package. Ready for a power wire to be run and the plumbing contractor to pipe to a shut of valve. We install the underground piping and wire, pitless adaptor, pump drop pipe and wire into the well. We then completely install the pressure tank and fittings in the interior of the building. If the customer has correctly sized and suitable equipment then from time to time we can utilize their existing components. However we do not install customer supplied new equipment, for multiple reasons.
Water Treatment
We do free basic water testing for minerals and offer more comprehensive water analysis at a lab, for an additional fee. We can size and install the proper treatment system for your needs. Our manufactures include, Water Right, Water Soft, Pentair and Axeon full house RO systems. Whether your need of a softer to remove hardness, an air draw unit to remove iron, manganese, sulfur or other constituents of concern. We are here to help. We also offer steri-light ultra violet systems. For problematic or recurring bacteria issues.